Mistletoe therapy is one of the most potent therapies offered at the Integrated Cancer Care Clinic.  It is a cancer treatment that has been used for almost 100 years in Germany and throughout other parts of Europe.  It is now beginning to gain some attention in North America in part due to its use by Suzanne Somers for her successful breast cancer treatment.  Among the integrative therapies that Dr. Denis offers for cancer, mistletoe has the most scientific literature and studies supporting its use.

Mistletoe is a herbal extract that is injected subcutaneously or administered by an intravenous line (directly into the bloodstream). As an anticancer agent it has been shown to have:

  • direct toxic effects against various cancer cell types
  • inhibitory effects on tumor growth and metastases
  • the ability to increase tolerance of conventional chemotherapeutic agents resulting in a significant decrease in side effects (less pain, nausea, neuropathy, fatigue, low blood counts)
  • immune stimulating effects which are partly responsible for its ability to reduce the risk of distant metastases and growth




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